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Training Opportunities

Local 43's training program provides technical, hands-on instruction using state of the art equipment. In addition, our course studies keep members up-to-date and knowledgeable on the latest code updates and new technologies. As important, our program provides a clear  structured path of instruction, enabling our members to complete their classification level requirements in a timely manner.

Facts you should know

Local 43 is an organization consisting of 1200+ members and has been in existence for 115+ years. The IBEW Local 43 supplies skilled electricians to 40+ contractors in the Central New York area. The IBEW Local 43 has played a major role in construction projects in Central New York. The pride and workmanship of Local 43's members is evident in just about every project throughout our jurisdiction. Any electrician who would like to become or is presently working as an electrician can join IBEW Local 43. Your qualifications, including years of experience and/or schooling, will determine your starting classification within the IBEW.

IBEW Local 43 Gives Back

IBEW Local 43 is involved with many charities throughout the Central NY area. Local 43 and its members work with many charities including; The United Way, The American Heart Association, The McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center, Hospice and many more. In addition, Local 43 offers college scholarships for qualifying members, their spouses and their dependents.

The Truth about Union Dues

In order for any organization to survive it must have an income. Just as most of us pay to belong to a sportsman's association, social club, or give to our church, we as workers' pay a small amount to our union so we can continue to receive the benefits associated with being union.

Working dues are a percentage of gross earnings and deduction amounts depend on your classification. They are tax deductible and only withheld while working.

International dues are paid per quarter and help pay for your international retirement pension and death benefit.

For more information

The IBEW Local Union 43, 4568 Waterhouse Road, Clay, NY 13041 Phone: (315) 422-0435, click here for additional contact info

Membership Development

Contact any of our representatives now:
Al Marzullo
Pat Harrington
Kevin Crawford

Fringe Benefits

The health reimbursement account (HRA), is in your name. $9.74 per hour worked will be deposited into your HRA account. At the end of each month, the health insurance premium is deducted from your HRA account to pay for your insurance.

Health Insurance

IBEW members working with Union Employers are provided fringe benefits unmatched by other employers. Health insurance benefits along with national and local retirement plans provide security for you and your family during your working years. Furthermore, this allows you to enjoy a dignified retirement following a very productive and rewarding career in the electrical industry. All pensions are based on retirement age of 65, you may be able to retire at age 55.

IBEW Local 43 Pension - 5 Years Vesting

The current Local 43 pension rate is $44.00 per pension credit per hours worked. A pension credit equals 1,000 hours worked.

Pension Credits Monthly Income
Five Years $374.00
Ten Years $748.00
Fifteen Years $1,122.00
Twenty Years $1496.00
Twenty Five Years $1,870.00
Thirty Years $2,244.00
Income based on 1700 hours worked per year

Unlike most employers' benefits plans, not one penny is deducted from your hourly rate to pay for your benefits (health insurance, pensions, etc.). All benefit contributions are in addition to your hourly rate.

National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF)

The NEBF pension rate is $32.00 per month per year of service.

Service Length Monthly Income
Five Years $160.00
Ten Years $320.00
Fifteen Years $480.00
Twenty Years $640.00
Thirty Years $960.00
Based on 300 hours worked per year

IBEW Local 43 Annuity Fund

Your annuity accumulates tax-differed funds for retirement. You will receive a guaranteed income payable for life or for a specified period. The current Local 43 annuity rate is $2.45 per hour.

Service Length Total Benefit
Five Years $23,376.00
Ten Years $48,410.00
Fifteen Years $90,911.00
Twenty Years $150,519.00
Twenty Five Years $248,279.00
Thirty Years $371,279.00
* based on 1700 hours per year

Union Authorization Card

Sign an authorization card to start the process of becoming a member of the IBEW. Signing this card means we want a union so we can negotiate a contract with our employer covering our wages, hours, and working conditions. It means we want a process where employees have a meaningful voice in our workplace and are no longer satisfied to leave all the important decisions up to management. Click here for Membership Development contacts.

Wages and Benefits

Effective: June 1, 2016
Level HR Rate
Journeyman Wireman $36.75
1-6th Year Apprentice $14.70 to 29.40
* Health insurance $9.99
* Local Pension $9.83
* NEBF (Pension) 3% of Gross
* Annuity $2.65
* JATC (training) $0.75
Total Package $61.07/hr
* = employer contributions

International Pension

Service Length Monthly Income
Twenty Years $90.00
Twenty Five Years $112.00
Twenty Years $135.00
Must be a member in good standing for 20 years to be eligible

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