Referral Overview

  • The Local 43 Referral Office is located at 4568 Waterhouse Road, Clay NY. Click here for contact information.
  • The Local 43 Referral Office hours are 8AM to Noon and from 1PM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday. (except for holidays)
  • All original registrations for the Local 43 Referral system must be done in person.
  • Local 43 requires re-registration (re-sign) every month between the 10th and the 16th to maintain registration "list" position.
  • Re-sign may be accomplished in person at the Local 43 Referral Office, by US Mail, Fax or the online Re-sign process.

Journeyman Wireman Referral Operating Procedure
(effective March 1, 2019)

It is the Business Manager’s responsibility to fill employer man-power requests in a timely fashion. The “phone-system” procedure described herein shall be utilized to refer applicants for employment, so long as the Business Manager is satisfied that it fulfills his/her responsibility. If it is determined that this system does not meet those needs, a “traditional” system of calling applicants from the “List” shall be developed and employed. Should this change be necessary, notice of said change shall be made via the phone system.

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