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Brothers and Sisters,

On Tuesday June 25, 2019, the Department of Labor (DOL) released a proposal designed to expand apprenticeship opportunities in the United States. If made final, the proposal would establish a process for creation of "Standards Recognition Entities" (SREs) that would themselves recognize a new classification of apprenticeship programs, "Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs" (IRAPs). Very simply put, this would allow non-union contractors to become SREs and self-certify their own "apprenticeship programs." IRAPs would not be subject to requirements that our apprenticeship programs and other Department of Labor (DOL) registered apprenticeship programs are.

The IBEW believes this is extremely problematic and would result in large quantities of "apprentices" being trained by inadequate programs. In addition, it is possible IRAPs would be a way of undermining prevailing wage. The process of self-certification and IRAPs generally have no place in our industries. In the proposal released, the construction industry is "at least initially" exempted from the proposal.

A website has been set up for all rank and file members, their families, and friends to easily submit individualized comments to the DOL. Comments are due by midnight on August 26th, 2019. Please go to saveibewapprenticeships.org where you will be asked several required background questions and then have the ability to self-select prewritten paragraphs to form a comment letter to the DOL. It is possible to edit these prewritten paragraphs by choosing "edit message" from the list of available options. I encourage you to edit comment letters if you feel comfortable doing so.

Brother and Sisters; I thank you in advance for your full participation and cooperation.

Alan Marzullo
Card# D869954

Member Meetings
All Members
6:00PM at the ETA Training Center
4566 Waterhouse Rd.
Clay NY 13041

Tuesday - September 3, 2019
Retirees Recognition Dinner
This meeting is at the Holiday Inn, 441 Electronics Parkway

Tuesday - October 1, 2019
General Agenda
Retiree's Club    
On Tuesday, September 3rd, at our monthly Union Meeting, we will be congratulating and honoring recent retirees, and also those retirees who have a reached a milestone for years of service with the IBEW.

This meeting event will be held at:
Holiday Inn Syracuse—441 Electronics Parkway, Liverpool, NY

On Tuesday, September 3rd, at our monthly Union Meeting, we will be honoring recent retirees, and also those retirees who have a reached a milestone for years of service with the IBEW. The meeting will be held at the:

Holiday Inn Syracuse—441 Electronics Parkway, Liverpool, NY
Thank you to these recently retired members for years of dedicated service to the IBEW & Local Union 43:
Edward Baker
David Berda
David Brandhorst
David Bullard
John Cherchio
Richard Cummings
Julian Dow
Stephen Elmore
Philip Grasso
Julian Dow
John Hinchman
Peter Jacobs
Walter King
Michael Kite
Phillip Kolodziejczyk
Stephen Nessel
Richard Paugh
James Penoyer
Mark Knapp
Robert Picard
James Robinson
Frederick Schulze
Robert Taddonio
Michael Tickner
Dennis Wisniewski
Michael Wright

We also wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following retirees who have reached a milestone within the IBEW. They will receive their service pins and certificates from the International, along with President Stephenson and Secretary-Treasurer Cooper's congratulations and best wishes:

Sixty Years:

Lloyd Barnes, William Gramith
Fifty-Five Years: Arthur Grady, John Hogan, Kent Snyder
Fifty Years: Peter Baker, Richard Block, Robert Brainard, Dennis Breheny, Carlton Brothers, Harold Collins, Michael Collver, Jeremiah Comer, Bernardo Delia, Ronald Frattellone, Mark George, Donald Hasenbauer, Thomas Kurak, Rodney Law, Keith MacGregory, Timothy McMahon, Edwin Nesbitt, Ronald Preble, James Roll, Dennis Ryan, Lawrence Tefft, James Wiley, Richard Wilson
2019 Dues payments are $115.50 per quarter

Pay your 3nd Quarter (July, August, September) dues now to avoid a $30 reinstatement fee. The Fee will be charged on payments received after September 30th.  Pay in-person or on-line.

Listed below are some jobs our members have recently worked on:
Due to our organizing efforts, some of Local 43's Successes in the construction field
New Burritt Chrysler Dealership, Oswego  $8,900,000    Dollar General$2,900,000 
New Michaud Rehabilitation Center $3,900,000    O’Reilly Auto Parts, Oswego $800,000 
Steet Ponte Auto Group $3,900,000    Utica Zoo $3,100,000 
Taco Bell, Utica NY $400,000    

 Please patronize these businesses in support of Local 43 and Union labor
Planet Fitness-New Hartford CoreLife Eatery, Fairmount
Burritt Motors, Oswego    Athletic Apex Health Club,Destiny Mall
Oswego Health Services   Starbucks Consumer Sq., New Hartford
Talbot's, Fairmount   4 Seasons Car Wash, Liverpool
LOCAL 43 News

You can update your contact information anytime via the new Referral portal, go to www.ibew43.org/portals and make sure all your contact information is correct. Or email any changed information to sdina@ibew43.org

Local 43 notes the passing of these members, with gratitude for their service to the IBEW.

David Babbitt passed away June 20, 2019 at age 82. Brother Babbitt was initiated into Local 43 in 1975. He was an IBEW member for 44 years.

Michael Barney passed away July 8, 2019 at age 66. Brother Barney was initiated into Local 328 in 1989. He was an IBEW member for 30 years.

Charles Paul, Jr. passed away July, 13, 2019 at age 93. Brother Paul was initiated into Local 181 in 1946, He was an IBEW member for 73 years.

Kenneth Hart passed away July 16, 2019 at age 62. Brother Hart was initiated into Local 43 in 1989. He was an IBEW member for 30 years.

Jeffrey White passed away July 26, 2019 at age 58. Brother White was initiated into Local 43 in 2004. He was an IBEW member for 15 years.

NEWS from the FUNDs Office

Free, Confidential Counseling Services provided by Mental Health Professionals are available either in-person or over the phone. We encourage you and your eligible family members to take advantage of this benefit whenever you feel that life is getting too stressful.

Call 1.800.327.2255

Our Membership ID is: 93793410

Our Group ID is: 8413

Reminder to all Journeymen:

In our current contract - Section 2.19 Tool List - it states In addition, "Journeymen shall be responsible to have verifiable OSHA-10 training and CPR Certified Training." Please call the CNYETA (315-546-0221) CNYETA.org to see when the next scheduled classes are available. 

NOTE: OSHA-10 and CPR training are needed to work in Local 43's jurisdiction as a Journeyman.



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Funds Office 315-474-5729 - Sheila Fitzmaurice, Fund Administrator - Pension - Health Insurance - Benefits

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