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Brothers and Sisters,

If you haven’t heard by now, we had two of our members get electrically shocked and sustained severe burns to their face and hands while working on a jobsite.

Please remember the job you do every day is extremely dangerous, and we should not be working on LIVE circuits! As a result of this accident, I am asking NECA and our signatory contractors to stop and take a moment on their jobsites to discuss how important it is to not work on LIVE wiring. I am also asking our Training Director to have the conversation with all our apprentices, construction wiremen & construction electricians.

Brothers & Sisters your safety is paramount on the jobsite. Always be mindful and alert of your working environment. Never become complacent with workplace safety.

Please keep our brothers and their families in your thoughts and prayers, with hopes for their speedy recovery.

Alan Marzullo
Card# D869954

All Members

6:00PM at the ETA Training Center
4566 Waterhouse Rd.
Clay NY 13041

Tuesday - February 4th, 2020
Bylaws Change Review

Tuesday - March 3rd, 2020
General Agenda

Retirees Club

The January Retirees Meeting will be held on January 15th @ 10:00 AM at the Union Office. This meetings agenda is planning of future outings and tours for 2020. Be sure to attend.

Here are a couple of pics from the December Retiree Luncheon held at the Retreat in Liverpool. Everyone had a nice time.
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Quarterly Dues Payment
Increase Effective January 1, 2020

The Delegates to the 39th IBEW International Convention approved amendments to Article IX of the IBEW Constitution. Accordingly, effective January 1, 2020, there will be a per capita increase of $1.00/month or $3.00/quarter for all members. The following rates will apply for dues payments covering January 2020 thru December 2020:

"A" Members - $118.50 per quarter
Breakdown - Per Capita $60.00/month
Pension Fund - Per Capita $57.00/month
Basic Dues - $1.50/month

“BA” Members -- $20.00 Per Capita a month plus working assessment
You can pay either:
One quarter (3 months) $118.50
Two quarters (6 months) $237.00
Three quarters (9 months) $355.50
Four quarters (12 months) $474.00

According to the IBEW Local 43 By-Laws dues are to be paid quarterly in advance:
First Quarter due January
Second Quarter due April
Third Quarter due July
Fourth Quarter due October

UNION NEWS     Local 43 on the move...
Listed below are some jobs our members have recently worked on:
Due to our organizing efforts, some of Local 43's Successes in the construction field
Dollar General Sylvan Beach $,250,000    Taco Bell, Utica NY $400,000 
Steet Ponte Car Dealership $1,500,000   O’Reilly Auto Parts, Fulton $800,000 
New Hartford Urgent Care $750,000    Utica Zoo $3,100,000 
Steet Ponte Auto Group $3,800,000   Dunkin Donuts $400,000 

 Please visit these businesses in support of Local 43 and Union labor
Planet Fitness - New Hartford CoreLife Eatery - Fairmount Fair
Helping Hounds - Syracuse    Rescue Mission - Camillus
Wendy's Utica   4 Seasons Car Wash - Liverpool  
Blink Fitness - Western Lights   Starbucks - Consumer Sq. New Hartford

You can update your contact information anytime via the new Referral portal, go to and make sure all your contact information is correct. Or email any changed information to

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New options for paying dues... local 43 on the move...
    •You still can mail a personal check or money order, then we will mail your yellow Dues Receipt to your home address.
    •You still can have your bank auto-pay from your account with a bank check, then we'll mail the Receipt to your home.
    •You can always visit us in-person at the union office and pay with cash or a check, or now...
    •Pay with a credit card. Note: an Electronic Convenience Fee (ECF of approximately 3%) is added to all credit/debit card dues transactions.
    You can now pay your dues On-line from the convenience of your PC or late model smartphone via the Referral Portal. On-line payments will incur an ECF.


Direct Deposit
With direct deposit you can put money in your Vacation Club account every time you get paid—automatically!

In Person or via the web
Visit your local AmeriCU Financial Center or open an Account online at

Or Call us
Questions? Contact your Member Partner Advisor, Gail Rizzo-Spika at 800-388-2000 ext. 6241



Retiree 1099-R Form
1099-R form reporting your gross distribution from the IBEW Local 43 & Electrical Contractors Pension Fund will be mailed by January 31, 2020.

Active Member 1095-B Form
Visit your local AmeriCU Financial Center or open an Account online atForm 1095-B form reporting information about the individuals in your tax family (yourself, spouse, and dependents) who had certain health coverage (referred to as “minimum essential coverage”) for some or all months during the year 2019 will be mailed by January 31, 2020.

  Wellness Benefits   See Peers Assisting Peers above    

For the Wellness Brochure Click Here

Individualized Total Wellness Support
Personal challenges are typically not isolated to one issue. As one example, individuals seeking counseling for depression may also be struggling with budgeting or weight loss. eni’s NexGen EAP offers unlimited use of an expansive wellness program that synergistically connects with all traditional aspects of the EAP to provide a total wellbeing offering.

Wellness Coaching
– Employees have access to calls with a Certified Health Coach to create individual action plans to guide them toward reaching their goals.

Wellness Referrals
- Employees may request referrals to locate facilities, programs and specialists. Referrals may include local nutritionists, gyms, yoga, studios, spinning and/or Zumba classes, Weight Watchers groups, and more.

Fitness and Lifestyle Research
- ENI will perform research on behalf of the employee to locate fitness and lifestyle topics, reviews and recommendations. Employees may request assistance with locating information on diets, procedures, supplements, ergonomics, focus, fitness hacks, and workout ideas.

Nutrition Tips and Tools
– To save employees time and energy, eni will research recipes, online tools, and subscriptions that relate to the individual’s needs and goals. eni will locate online tools that may benefit the employee and improve exercise techniques, time management, financial wellness, and physical performance. Employees may request tips and information on identifying and eliminating poor habits, improving air quality, creating a workout schedule, or developing meal plans with dietary restrictions.

Financial Wellbeing Resources
– Financial wellness is attainable, but many individuals may need guidance to understand and manage their finances. Specialists are available 24/7 to locate tools and resources, such as apps, classes, subscriptions, videos, and community services to assist individuals with building financial strength.


Free, Confidential Counseling Services provided by Mental Health Professionals are available either in-person or over the phone. We encourage you and your eligible family members to take advantage of this benefit whenever you feel that life is getting too stressful.

Call 1.800.327.2255

Our Membership ID is: 93793410

Our Group ID is: 8413

Reminder to all Journeymen:

In our current contract - Section 2.19 Tool List - it states In addition, "Journeymen shall be responsible to have verifiable OSHA-10 training and CPR Certified Training." Please call the CNYETA (315-546-0221) to see when the next scheduled classes are available. 

OSHA-10 and CPR training are needed to work in Local 43's jurisdiction as a Journeyman.



Union Office 315-422-0435 - Al Marzullo, Business Manager - Kevin Crawford, President - Job Referral - Dues - Membership Development

Funds Office 315-474-5729 - Sheila Fitzmaurice, Fund Administrator - Pension - Health Insurance - Benefits

ETA Training Center 315-546-0221 - Jon Leubner, Training Director - Apprentice Program - Training and Safety Classes