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Brothers and Sisters,

If you haven’t heard by now, we tragically lost a member of our IBEW family in June. Brother Torres was a member of Local 41, Buffalo, working in our jurisdiction. His death was preventable.

Please remember the job you do every day is extremely dangerous, and we should not be working on LIVE circuits!

As a result of this accident, I am asking NECA and our signatory contractors to stop and take a moment on their jobsites to discuss how important it is to not work on LIVE wiring.

I am also asking our Training Director to have the conversation with all our apprentices, construction wiremen & construction electricians.

Brothers & Sisters your safety is paramount on the jobsite. Always be mindful and alert of your working environment. Never become complacent with workplace safety.

I want to offer my deepest sympathy to Brother Derek Torres’ family, friends, and co-workers, who could not have prepared for their sudden loss. I ask all of you to keep Brother Torres in your thoughts and prayers.

Alan Marzullo
Card# D869954

Member Meetings
All Members
6:00PM at the ETA Training Center
4566 Waterhouse Rd.
Clay NY 13041

Tuesday - August 6, 2019
General Agenda

Tuesday - September 3, 2019
Retirees Recognition Dinner
Retiree's Club    
The July meeting will be held the hour before the annual Local 43 Clambake, at the Spinning Wheel, 12:00 PM - Saturday, July 13th

Our Retiree's Meetings are a great way to stay in touch! All retirees, wives and widows are welcome. Please join us!

2019 Dues payments are $115.50 per quarter

Pay your 3nd Quarter (July, August, September) dues now to avoid a $30 reinstatement fee. The Fee will be charged on payments received after September 30th.  Pay in-person or on-line.

UNION NEWS     Local 43 on the move...
Listed below are some jobs our members have recently worked on:
Due to our organizing efforts, some of Local 43's Successes in the construction field
New Burritt Chrysler Dealership, Oswego  $8,900,000    Moffett Ctr., Cortland College $17,000,000 
New Michaud Rehabilitation Center $3,900,000    O’Reilly Auto Parts, Oswego $800,000 
Steet Ponte Auto Group $3,900,000    Utica Zoo $3,100,000 
Plant Fitness, Utica NY $2,500,000   Dollar General $2,900,000 

 Please patronize these businesses in support of Local 43 and Union labor
Tops Grocery Stores CoreLife Eatery, Fairmount
Burritt Motors, Oswego    Athletic Apex Health Club,Destiny Mall
Oswego Health Services   Adirondack Bank  
Talbot's, Fairmount   Bank of Utica
LOCAL 43 News

You can update your contact information anytime via the new Referral portal, go to and make sure all your contact information is correct. Or email any changed information to

Syracuse METS Baseball Tickets

Click here to get a complete listing of Syracuse Met's 2019 games.

Through donations made by members who contribute to the Brotherhood Fund, we have once again purchased tickets to the Mets home games in Syracuse.

Call or stop by the union office to pick up your vouchers for tickets to any home game. Maximum 4 vouchers per member.

New options for paying dues... local 43 on the move...
    •You still can mail a personal check or money order, then we will mail your yellow Dues Receipt to your home address.
    •You still can have your bank auto-pay from your account with a bank check, then we'll mail the Receipt to your home.
    •You can always visit us in-person at the union office and pay with cash or a check, or now...
    •Pay with a credit card. Note: an Electronic Convenience Fee (ECF of approximately 3%) is added to all credit/debit card dues transactions.
    You can now pay your dues On-line from the convenience of your PC or late model smartphone via the Referral Portal. On-line payments will incur an ECF.

  Local 43 notes the passing of these members, with gratitude for their service to the IBEW.

Darrell Gleason passed away June 9, 2019 at age 92. Brother Gleason was initiated into Local 43 in 1975. He was an IBEW member for 44 years.

Guy Pagano passed away June 26, 2019 at age 82. Brother Pagano was initiated into Local 43 in 1956. He was an IBEW member for 63 years.

information frOm the funds office

What does our Dental Plan Cover?

The Dental Plan is designed to encourage preventive dental care by providing benefits for certain diagnostic and preventive services without requiring you to pay a deductible or co-payment amount.

As of January 1, 2009, the Plan provides payment for limited dental services when rendered and billed by a licensed dentist. Benefit payment for covered service is fifty percent (50%) of the dentist’s usual charge (or 50% of the usual and reasonable charge for Out of Network Provider).

The balance not covered by the Plan may be submitted to UMR for reimbursement from your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). You will be directed by UMR to supply receipts with a detailed itemized bill for dental transactions.

Dental Benefits are for Active Members and Dependents Only. Retirees are not eligible for Dental Benefits Covered Preventive Services are as follows:

  • Initial and periodic oral examinations -2 per individual per calendar year
  • Dental X-rays - bite-wing x-rays (limited to 4 x-rays per calendar year)
  • Cleaning - 2 per individual per calendar year or two periodontic cleanings per calendar year may be substituted for two regular cleanings.

NEWS from the CNYETA

CW/CE Course Test Out Dates will be:
Tuesday, July 30th & Wednesday, July 31



Free, Confidential Counseling Services provided by Mental Health Professionals are available either in-person or over the phone. We encourage you and your eligible family members to take advantage of this benefit whenever you feel that life is getting too stressful.

Call 1.800.327.2255

Our Membership ID is: 93793410

Our Group ID is: 8413

Reminder to all Journeymen:

In our current contract - Section 2.19 Tool List - it states In addition, "Journeymen shall be responsible to have verifiable OSHA-10 training and CPR Certified Training." Please call the CNYETA (315-546-0221) to see when the next scheduled classes are available. 

NOTE: OSHA-10 and CPR training are needed to work in Local 43's jurisdiction as a Journeyman.



Union Office 315-422-0435 - Al Marzullo, Business Manager - Kevin Crawford, President - Job Referral - Dues - Membership Development

Funds Office 315-474-5729 - Sheila Fitzmaurice, Fund Administrator - Pension - Health Insurance - Benefits

ETA Training Center 315-546-0221 - Jon Leubner, Training Director - Apprentice Program - Training and Safety Classes